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Whether you desire a completely "wired" home or a simple wireless network, we have a solution. You're paying for the internet, why not enjoy it wherever you choose?.
Need more power? Upgrades are a great way to get more out of your computer. Memory, hard drive size, service packs, or silencing techniques may be the solution you need.
There are many window tweaks that can significantly improve your computing experience. Let us show you our favorites.
Virus and Spyware Removal
Everyone knows the threat of computer viruses and the importance of protecting their system, but don't neglect spyware! Both need to be monitored and removed in order to safeguard your data and assure your system runs properly.
Not enough can be said today about computer security. The facts are that unless you have proper protection, operating a computer in today's world can expose you, your family and your private data to potentially dangerous situations. Let us help lock down your system. Are you a parent concerned with your child's safety? Check out our Child Protection package.
Privacy Protection
If you surf the web, most likely marketers and others are watching your movements. There are techniques and programs that help keep out unwanted eyes.
Don’t let computer problems frustrate you. We are a call away from getting your computer back to top condition. Even better, take advantage of our service contract and let us take care of problems pro-actively so you don' t need to worry.
Data is what computing is all about. Hard drive failure is one of the leading causes for computer repair. Let us set up that back-up program that you have been avoiding. Too Late? We also offer data recovery and data transfer solutions.
Don't know where to start? The best way to learn is through one-on-one coaching. Expand you abilities today.
Setting up a new computer can be confusing. Even a seemingly simple anti-virus program can ask a hundred questions and require information with which you may be unfamiliar. Let us set-up it up right to get the most from your system.

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